Amy Larson Marble


Life on Repeat

The debut novel by Amy Larson Marble soon to be released by W. Brand Publishing

Life On Repeat book cover
How would you live your life if you knew it wasn’t your only one? Would you do anything differently if you knew you would have to do it all again? I’m not sure how many lives I have lived, I only know this is not my first. Or second. My name is Sarah Daley and I’m 19 years old… again.


Sarah Daley leads a charmed life, but rather than luck, it’s repetition. Sarah lives, dies, then lives again, born as another Sarah, in another part of the world. What most would see as immortality, she sees as a curse. “Life on Repeat” is the story of her search for a life in the here and now.

About the Author

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Amy Larson Marble is a mom, wife, and lawyer, who had a dream years ago about a girl who lived over and over again. Amy was born in Colorado, grew up in North Dakota, and lives in Minnesota with her family and their three dogs (a.k.a the pack).